Friday, 9 November 2012

The Courtyard

This is my courtyard. I call it my courtyard because I like spending time here while waiting for my dad. But it gets weird sometimes when too many people pass by this courtyard. This pathway serves as a shortcut for people coming from the Philippine Embassy heading to Chinatown area.  Yes, this is just behind the Philippine Embassy and the pathway is locked in the evening as this is also a residencial area. 

I remember two instances where I spent it with two of my best friends - S and Marky. I remember sitting on a bench with S and we catched up. S is my best friend from college. And though we rarely really see each other, it still seems like old times. And I know I will always have her back, and likewise.

Marky, well, we mentioned him in the One Filipino bottles. He is one of the few friends where we clicked from the first conversation, without much effort, we just become good friends. If you met the two of us, you would actually think we have been friends for years. But to date, it's only been almost  4years. We were having hot drinks from Starbucks I think and just another conversation, before the start of 'a meeting'. More about Marky in other blog posts I'm sure.

The courtyards are used for some special embassy occasions like Independence Day 2011, where we opened the embassy to Filipinos who wanted to celebrate Philippine Independence Day. We had Senator Loren Legarda who graciously joined the celebrations. My dad said the message of the president while Tita Tess said the message of the DFA secretary. Then it started drizzling and raining. After a photo exhibit was also opened and breakfast of Tapsilog was served! Yummmm.

I enjoy Philippine Independence Day because we dress up in our Filipinianas, and the guys in their barongs and we just all look so elegant. What else better to do than photoshoot!! There was another Independence Day (probably 2010) where we took a giant group shoot in the courtyard. We actually all fit with the trees getting in the picture.

I wished we could have used it more for embassy events, but ofcourse permission had to be granted first. And it could take a while. So i'll just stick to spending some time during the day with my drink in hand and then "muni-muni".

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