Tuesday, 23 September 2008

on being a friend and a girl (part 2)

the question was... so when one of my best friends is falling for the guy i like, who is also my best friend; which one should i be, a friend or a girl?

the answer... well being a friend always comes easy to me, but being a girl is a tinnie bit complicated.

complicated much? hmm, not really. i guess it's really simple. coz there's this picture. of a boy and a girl. and i'm just not in it.

what i've realised is that i couldn't hurt my friend by making her feel guilty for liking the same guy i like. also, the guy who is also my friend, likes her back. so you can say, that if this was a battle, i lost. and it hurts. but i'm not gonna tell my friend that, i will let her be happy without having to think twice because of my feelings.

i've been hurt before, and the ache i feel right now is nothing compared to the hurt i felt before. but still, just like any pain, it stings. but again, just like any wound, it would heal, over time. this, too, will pass. and hey, what doesn't kill only makes you stronger, right?

Friday, 19 September 2008

the workaholic is going to uni

my summer went by fast. who knew 3 months would go by so quickly? and today was my last day at work.

just 3 months back, i remember telling my mum i wanted to work for the summer. and now, my summer is over. and so is my work. in 3 short months, i've learned to understand, respect and care for the people i work with.

when my friends and i talk about work, mostly my friends complain and though sometimes i do too, i love my work. i love getting paid and being able to buy stuff and spend my money i work hard for. i love being busy and being useful. i love my hard work being acknowledged. i love having the responsibilities and respect other people give me. the phonecalls, not so much, but i was getting used to it anyway. most of all, i enjoy the company. i enjoy the interaction with other people. this leads me to realise i enjoy being sociable.

i learned alot about immigration, which has quite alot to do with my dad's line of work. i learned how to discipline myself and work hard, to organise twice as hard, when work gets quite demanding. i learned from my mistakes as well.

all in all, i work hard. though it is tiring, i enjoy working hard. you may call me a workaholic coz i know i am one. i have worked twelve days straight. i like the fact that i get to spend money i earn, to not have to depend on my parents for once. i love work, and i can't wait to get back when i get the chance. for now, as i start a new chapter in my life by going to university, i'm bring with me the experience of a part time job and one of my most memorable and busiest summers ever.

to the bison team: i miss working with all of you. hope to see you guys soon. xx

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Are difficult.

There are two choices: the first would be for me to let you know. And doing so, I'm risking a lot. I'm risking friendship. Never talking again? Not talking to me the same way? I don't think I can take that. OR, I let you know and I feel that there's a possibility that you won't reject me... just a feeling. I'm not confident about that one.

The second choice would be for me to never let you know. Doing so, I'll NEVER know how you'll react- that's my safe choice though. No risks. It would just be annoying if you were actually waiting for me to let you know. (Walang risk. Nakakainis lang kung hinihintay mo ako umamin diba?)


(got this from mia. i made nakaw na ha. pasenxa. hehe.)

Friday, 5 September 2008

What Would Gossip Girl Say About You?

You remind Gossip Girl of Serena.

"People don't tell you who you are, you tell them." - Serena van der Woodsen

Just like Serena, you're gorgeous, glamorous, and good at getting exactly what you want. You went a bit wild in your younger days, but lately, you've been acting a lot more mature. You're trying your best to live a scandal-free life, but that won't be as easy as it sounds.

If Gossip Girl blogged about you, she'd say:
Gossip girl here. There's a new face on the Upper East Side, and it's got us wondering -- Could S have a secret twin? Same sweet smile, same shady past... if our new friend has something to confess, Gossip Girl is here to listen. Whatever you're hiding, you might as well reveal it now, because the past has a way of coming back to haunt you. xoxo, Gossip Girl


32% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.