Monday, 18 August 2008

Professor Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch on Good Morning America, May 19, 2008

Randy Pausch died July 25th 2008 as a result of cancer spreading from his pancreas. He is a hero to me because he truly understood what it meant to be alive! With his fatal prognosis warning him he only had months to live, Randy inspired millions with his optimism about life. His family was lucky to have him. You touched a lot of lives on a truth that is just so very painful to face. It's good to see how others face the end of their lives so that we can do the same and put our lives into perspective.

Thank you Randy Pausch, for your short time on this planet you inspired us and left it better off than before you came to be.

Randy Pausch's; A Final Farewell

'Last Lecture' Prof Dies

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

crazy over EDWARD CULLEN

hehe, luckily, while browsing the site Deviantart, i found this note about edward cullen. YAY.

I think,
At some point,
Everyone dreams of finding..
An Edward.
Someone whose name you call, or whisper.
And he's right there waiting.
Someone who hums a lullaby,
And holds you close, as you drift off.
Someone who seems to just glitter, in the Sunlight,
Whose eyes are often Topaz,
And Reassuring.
Someone who takes you to dinner,
And ignores the pretty waitress.
Someone who follows you,
Watches you always,
Secretly, Just to be sure..
You're always okay.
Someone Romantic,
Yet has a good sense of humor.
Someone Ancient, Yet Young.
Who'll save your life, No matter what.
Who cries when you're injured.
Someone who cleans out even the deadliest wounds,
However impossibly hard it may be.
Someone to take you to your prom,
Despite your complaints,
Who teaches you to waltz,
As you stand on his feet.
Someone who just knows when it's time.
When forever really means forever.
And takes you away,
For years to come....

Thursday, 7 August 2008

what type of girl are you?

What type of girl are you?!!
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Monday, 4 August 2008

WARNING: Reading Twilight may cause an obsession.

Forget prince charming... i'm waiting for my EDWARD CULLEN ;)

Because of Edward Cullen. i'm staying single until i find my vampire ;)

Because i read Twilight, i have unrealistic expectations in men. HAHA!

that's how i like my men.. cold dead and sparkly ;)

cut pages 73-381 out of new moon. jacob can go DIE. hahaha!

Edward dazzles me ;)

07-19-08.. what am i suppose to read now? :(

i get distracted by shin..... oohh.. Edward :)

breaking dawn.. give me the damn book before i hurt someone!

mortality is so overrated... BITE ME :p

308.. the number of pages without edward :(

save gas. ride a vampire ;)

EDWARD CULLEN. sexier than you since 1901 ;)


twilight... its not the book. its the GUY! :p

oh shit.. i've fallen in love with a fictional sparkly vampire :p

every guy should sparkle like edward cullen ;)

damn it stephenie meyer! now i'll never find a boyfried!

Edward is the new Romeo ;)

EDWARD CULLEN. Raising the standards for future BOYFRIENDS ;)

Edward is my favorite color ;)

O.C.D. - obsessive CULLEN disorder :p

someday my prince sparkly vampire will come :)

in my head.. edward is my boyfriend.. alice is my bestfriend and jacob wants me :p

(stole all this from bianca...thanks girl! but all so true.. couldn't have said it any better...:D)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

on being a friend and a girl

it's been said that:
It hurts to fall in love with a friend. You keep on hiding your feelings, avoiding it as much as you can until you cry your heart out...all out of fear of losing a friend and a love you never had.

and my friends have said to let emotions take control. they said that it's bad to not let emotions flow. but it's easier said than done. no, actually it's quite easy to let emotions take control. but the consequences, the effects, the outcomes and the changes that happen, all which are unpredictable is the scary worrying bit. the uncertainty of the unknown, the future. the world is full of endless possibilities and lots of what-if's.

i've longed so much for this feeling. to like someone new. to get over my ex-boyfriend. and it has happened. but who would have realised that i would lose that guy to my best friend. and they are two of my closest friends. and though to them, their closeness, seems just like they're just really close and comfortable with each other.

as a friend, i'll be glad to join in.
but as a girl, i see something else. as a girl, i see something that they both don't see yet. they may laugh at the idea or deny their true feelings. but there is something. and though i don't show, though i say it's just okay, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. and it hurts big time.

as a friend, i'd feel guilty for feeling this way. but in the end, i'm still just a girl. falling for a boy, who is one of her best friends, that maybe falling for his best friend, who is also her best friend.

complicated much? not really. i guess it's really simple. there's this picture. of a boy and a girl. and i'm just not in it.

so when one of my best friends is falling for the guy i like, who is also my best friend; which one should i be, a friend or a girl?