Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Paralympics experience

The end of the whole Olympics and Paralympics season is near. London 2012 has been amazing. I went to ExCel centre in London again to watch the Paralympics with my CB and my Tita Vo. We watched all sports scheduled that day in ExCel - Table Tennis at 930am, Boccia at 325pm, Powerlifting at 6pm and Sitting Volleyball at 7pm. Yes, we made sure to take advantage of the ExCel Day Pass. Hahaha

My Tita Vo and I also went to ExCel centre to watch the Olympics live - we watched boxing at 830pm: the Men's light weight, middle weight and super heavy weight. It was definitely fun to watch especially when Team GB was competing.I remember getting on the train at exactly 12 midnight and getting home about 1am.

I finally bought an Olympics and Paralympics 2012 t-shirt as well. The atmosphere is great because of the support that people give to their respective teams. National pride at the very best! Just like my friend MW with his exposure on the big screen. (Proud Pinoy!) Plus to bump into a couple of familiar faces as volunteers is certainly funny.  The only thing lacking in this whole experience is to go to the Olympic Park. No, I haven't been to the Olympic Park. I think I'll try and sneak in on Monday, after or while the athletes have or are leaving. Hahahaha! There has been so much anticipation to the Olympics and Paralympics, and it might actually feel weird that it is all over. No more pick signs on display, no more special lanes, no need to 'Get Ahead of the Games' as they say here.

Go Team GB. Go Team PH. Olympic/Paralympic hangover to begin. sigh.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I'm back.

WOOHOO I'm back. I had to sort out my mom's painting website and it's brought me back here.

I just realised I haven't written a blog in almost 3 years and I wondered why... I've been thinking to what happened in 2010 that got me to neglect blogging or rhyming at all. Was I too busy or not inspired at all? I don't think so. Actually I had a memorable (almost) three years now. I've just been living in the many moments that I experienced. But I'm back now, because I just felt it is about time.

Things are about to change in a couple of months and I'm anxious to find out what will actually happen.

But I won't talk about that yet. For now, I'll talk about my wishlist. Things I'll like to buy here in London and bring back to Manila.

  • Lens (Canon)
  • Blackberry (new)
  • Longchamp bag  bought on Sept 2,2012.
  • Portable 1TB external drive
  • London memorabilia sign 
  • London 2012 Olympics t-shirt  bought on Sept 3,2012.
Well, that's it for now. The rest would just come to me and I'll put updates on this blog. 

I guess that's it for now. Talk to ya soon.