Friday, 9 November 2012

Kusinang Munti: review

Kusinang Munti (translates directly to Small Kitchen) is one of the few Filipino restaurants in the whole of UK. Typically it serves buffet food. I, personally, am not a fan of buffet type restaurants, because I lose out (Lugi ako!). I don't eat really eat a lot (depends on food if it's sushi or shrimp) and it's more of Takaw-tingin, meaning when you're deciding what to eat and you see there's a lot of good food you like so you put on your plate, but suddenly you can't finish all of them because you're full already! 

But I figured out what I would get, it would be their chicken wings and rice and fries and prawn crackers. If I wanted something with sauce, it would be their Kare Kare and Bagoong. Lately I've grown to love love LOVE Kare Kare. I'd just make my meal up with their dessert of Maja Blanca or Leche Flan. Their Guinataang is also worth a try.

One of their dishes off the menu tray would be the Chicharon Bulaklak, which I will talk about later.

We've been here for a lot of different occasions, or simply just for dinner, since it is quite near to us. We've been here with Filipino artists from Manila, like Tirso Cruz III and Ara Mina. The most significant would be Dad's despedida, in a way our despedida, which was prepared for us by Filipino community leaders.

They also have plasma TV's on their walls, if you feel like watching tv channels from the Philippines. Or if you are in the mood, it's time for some karaoke! Typically what Filipinos do best - eat and sing. Enjoy!

Kusinang Munti,
913 Garratt Ln, 
London SW17 0LT

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