Saturday, 10 November 2012

National Gallery

The National Gallery is an art museum in London (one among the many many museums). It holds many many paintings, famous and non-quite. The gallery is divided by different time periods, and to go through every single painting, you might need more than one day. I know because I have been here a few times. A different room each time. Different paintings like the Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Van Gogh's Sunflower, were nice to look at. It's interesting to see how the subjects in the paintings change in each century. It's been said, 'take a step back to be able to see the whole picture'. Don't hurry, take your time. Each painting is unique, each painting holds a different meaning. 

The National Gallery also holds special exhibits and presentations that people should watch for. I know  that my dad did go to one of their presentations and he did like it. My dad also tends to go there for coffee and to read his book, as he likes the ambiance of the place. You can always check their website for more details.

National Gallery
Daily 10am – 6pm, Friday 10am – 9pm
Trafalgar Square,
London, WC2N 5DN

Once done with tour, there's a gift shop and cafe that people go to (just like my dad!). Looking for souvenirs, there's something to remember the National Gallery by for sure. I remember actually going to the National Cafe once, with my college friends back in 2007 or 2008 I think. I ordered some dessert called National Catastrophe. It was simply ice cream in a tall glass and quite sweet. Good enough for me. But I don't remember much from that. You can discover and try them for yourself. See them here:

My only regret about the National Gallery is not being able to enter the National PORTRAIT Gallery, which is right beside (behind) it, on the right if you're facing the National Gallery. Different portraits of famous British men and women (or other people) are always nice to look it. It's interesting to wonder if a simple single portrait can define or explain the person as a whole. 

Like the song goes, "If a picture paints a thousand words...."

National Portrait Gallery
10:00-18:00 (Thursday-Friday until 21:00)
St Martin’s Place,
London WC2H 0HE

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