Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Champions of the Heart concert

It was quite rare for concerts with artists/singers from the Philippines to be held at London venues, like O2 Empire in Shepeherd's Bush, where concerts are actually being performed, because of the prices. It's usually more expensive to rent those kind of places than it is to rent local venues, and they would have to charge higher ticket prices too, and that's not really wise.

So here we are, waiting for the start of the Champion of the Hearts concert, featuring Christian Bautista and Erik Santos, guest starring Pooh. 

Front row and center! Love it. To be able to see Erik Santos and Christian Bautista and Pooh up close  and personal. I've always been a big fan of Christian Bautista and seen him perform a few times already. And everytime, I'm still such a big fan. He's just such a good performer and I secretly have my *fangirl* moments (screaming on the inside).

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