Friday, 11 January 2008

lamentation: you're in my thoughts

it's funny when i think about how he came to be in my life. the claim was that he was a 'friend' of a friend. that seemed suspicious but i went along with it. with each day that passed, i got to know a little bit more about him while he bombared me with questions about my past as if he really seemed to know me and wanted answers. i had my doubts on who he really was but i didn't care, it didn't matter. he was someone i could talk to about my problems and random stuff about life. he kept me company eventhough i felt he kept his distance. he became my way of letting go. he became the medium in which i could say whatever i wanted to say and tell my story about my past without holding back. in simple words, he became the person i told all that was in my heart even if it was meant for someone else and that through him, i know my words actually got through to that someone else. in the end, i knew who he really was but pretended not to see it or believe it. now, he seems to just be a distant memory, someone that belongs to a beautiful dream.

so to you, migs, wherever you may be, i want you to know that you are in my thoughts and i guess i'll always be thinking about you every now and then. well i guess this is probably the first and last time i'm gonna say this: i miss you. it would be really nice to talk to you again.
hopefully someday migs, someday.

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