Tuesday, 29 January 2008

the dream of someone else

yes, i have always dreamed of that someone meant for me. so yes, i also believe in destiny, soulmates, mr. right and all that stuff. eversince i can remember, i have always been a hopeless romantic. i believed that things were meant to be and of course, if some thing's weren't meant to be, they just wouldn't be no matter what you do. that second part, i had to learn the hard way. giving up or letting go of things that you want but wasn't meant for you is so heart-breaking.

i remember a friend telling me "while waiting for the right one, enjoy with the wrong one first." i was thinking, "ah yes, the right, soon." then i smiled.

we all dream of having someone to be with and spend our time with. we all dream of growing old with someone. that someone who could complete us and be our everything. okay, i guess that's enough of mushy talk, i'm sure you get what i mean. we talk about the right time, that right moment where everything will just fall into its place. you never know when exactly that moment is so you cannot prepare for you. but you'd be surprised to know that everything is falling into its right place and eventually you'll find out. soon.


Stanley said...

Everyone does :)

EasyPPP - Get Paid To Blog said...

Everyone should love at least once in their life.

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