Tuesday, 22 January 2008

family duty

List of responsibilities during a party/dinner at our house:

* Clean my room and bathroom. (including pc table)

* Put crystal glasses unto tray. (champagne, scoth, wine - both big and small, normal drinking glass - big and small..)

* Fold about a hundred napkins.

* Fold spoon and fork into a napkin. (did about ten or so..)

* Cut cheese into slices. (seperate whole slices from bits and pieces)

* Pick up guests at ground floor via the staircase. (my exercise. so here's the deal. we live on the third floor. we usually use the lift. but unfortunately for us, it had to be broken at this time. and you need the key as well to access the staircase. *pants* so in short, i had to go down to the ground floor. open the door for the guests and walk all the way up to the third floor again. *pants*)

* Welcome the guests at the door. (say "welcome, tuloy po kayo, ayan po, may guestbook tayo, chuchu..")

* Get the coats. (put them on hangers. and hang them on the coat rack. which is located in my room.)

* Serve them drinks. (wine, scotch, juice, coke, water, tea ?)

* Give them plates with spoon and fork.

* Clean up a little. (after they have eaten)

* Picture-picture. (camera person. haha)

* In between all that, take care after my baby sister.

* Do a little serving of dessert and more drinks.

* Wait around until they finish. (after all their drinking, talking, eating, talking, more drinking..)

* Give them back their coats and say farewell.

* Cleaning up all the mess.

after all that, finally, i can rest. then i would be able to stay in bed until late the next day. unless of course, it's a weekday and i have college that next morning. hope i don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed. if you know what i mean.

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