Wednesday, 23 January 2008

have you heard? part2

* Legally Blonde is now on broadway.

it was quite random how i first came to know about this. i was looking at rent the musical videos and just saw the video entitled "legally blonde on broadway". in the video, they were singing "omigod, omigod you la la...". it was somewhat catchy and i like it. okay, so i wanna watch musical as well. another musical to add to my list.

* Rent Remixed is closing in London on February 2, 2008!

wait for it, wait for it. another "WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!" and "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!". i wanna cry. this cannot be happening. just last week, i found out Rent was closing in new york, and now here as well. it's just about two weeks, well not even, exactly nine days from today. ok so i guess i have to reserve my tickets now. who's coming with me? weee...

* American Idol Season 7 is now on.

this is something i look forward to every year. i became a fan since season 3, when jasmine trias came on to the show and became a hit. a fun part of this show is the beginning - the auditions. recently, i saw this guy and he was funny. he loves simon so much. reynaldo lapuz. do you watch the show? have you seen this audition? some people would look at this badly, they may think of him as a shame. but all i can say "gogogo! show them what you're made of."

We're Brothers Forever

I am your brother, your best friend forever,
Singing the songs, the music that you like.
We're brothers till the end of time.
Together or not, you're always in my heart
Your hurting feelings in you will reign no more.
(Repeat non-stop)

* Heath Ledger, dead at the age of 28.

i was shocked. was this real? but sadly, it was. and i liked him as an actor. i remember watching him in the movie 'ten things i hate about you'. he was good. of course, his role in brokeback mountain would be remembered. he is certainly a loss to hollywood.

* I (might) visit the Phils. this year.

i really hope this time i do. there was the possibility of may and there's also july. the problem with may is that i would only be in the philippines for a week. what can i do in a week? that's too short! the only good thing is i would get to bond with my cousins from new zealand. and then july, one of my best friends here is celebrating her 18th birthday and of course, it's the season for barrio fiestas. but if i go home in july, i'd be there for a month. hay... what to choose? what to day? why does it have to be so difficult?

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Stanley said...

Legally blonde on broadway?? WOW...that should be interesting.

I was shocked by Heath Ledger's death. Never expected it...