Saturday, 19 January 2008

have you heard?

* Multiply and ABS-CBN are now partners.

i just wonder what we get out of it..
official press release:

* Pirates of the Carribean 4

one of my favorite trilogies to date. i remember watching the first pirates movie on the first day of its first showing in the cinemas back home. i was with all my classmates and that was one memorable day. but that's not what i'm supposed to be talking about, i think it's still not confirmed yet but there will a pirates 4 & 5. and that johnny depp may be the only one returning for the series. the story of elizabeth swann and william turner has finished so they're making the whole movie to focus on captain jack sparrow as well as the fountain of youth. for me, captain jack sparrow is one of the best characters johnny depp has ever played. and it would be nice to see him back in character.

* Rent is closing in New York on June 1, 2008.

as of thursday, it has been nine hundred thirty thousand, one hundred eighty minutes since rent opened in new york. i read this on a friend's blog and i was just like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and "WWWWHHHYYYYY?!?!". i felt really bad. i already had plans of going to new york to visit family and longtime friends. and of course, on my agenda was to watch rent live on broadway stage. and now, i just wouldn't seem to get the chance. i confess now that i'm a rent-a-holic. and i know that there is a rent show here in london. i know where it is and all the details but it is remixed unlike the original broadway or the movie version. plus i still don't have the time to see it (or the company either). for now, i just so want to go to new york, buy a ticket for rent and watch it. pleasssssssssse.

* There's still no snow in London.

yes, you heard me right, no snow - london - still. i wanted a white christmas but nooo, it didn't happen. i've been waiting outside for snow eversince the newspapers said that it would be snowing here in london. hope snow comes soon coz my neck hurts.

* The Philippine Embassy in London has now moved. (to serve you better. Haha.)

officially, it will be inaugurated tomorrow but has been open to the public since january 3 this year. but believe it or not, the inside is still not finished. should i say carpeting is still not complete and the basement is not done so other officers still don't have their office. hmm.. must i go on? but anyways, this part is just f.y.i. (for your information), most especially for those living in the united kingdom.


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