Sunday, 13 January 2008

a political mind with an appetite for alcohol

i am my father's daughter, that's for sure. it seems i do have a few things in common with my dad. when i was younger, they would always say i look like my dad. they say i am the girl version of my dad. haha.

someone once asked me what i wanted to become and do in the future? did i want to become lik my dad and lead a diplomatic life with all this connections? or did want to go into something completely different than that of my dad? or would i use the connections of my dad with people into pursuing a career of my own? hmmm...

the first time i heard my mom say "anak, lasinggera ka talaga." and i remembering laughing out loud. hahaha. i don't really drink often. only when there's an occasion, so yes, in other words, i drink socially. i have not gotten drunk to the point that i would throw up and end up hugging the toilet bowl. one time, they asked me my opinion a beer and i said i didn't quite like it because it tasted a little blunt like it was just water, filled with alcohol. and they all laughed and my dad joked, "she's really her father's daughter." there was laughter again. i don't know if it was the effect of alcohol that have gone to their heads but that sure was true. i guess..

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