Monday, 21 January 2008

before midnight

ok ok, so i have to get this entry done before midnight. i have a class early the next morning. and i already lack too much sleep. because of exams and other random stuff. so i guess i better start.

exams. i hate exams. don't you? i mean, who doesn't? give me atleast one student who enjoys exams. and i'll take that last question back. imagine, the sleepless nights, the constant reading and revision, the questions and the doubts, all that stress. for an hour-long paper that is usually crap. hehe. so i'm guessing you would already know how i feel about my exams. except for my maths exam, i hate all my exams! coming out from the exam room, i just feel bad. like "oh snap, oh crap."

facebook. yes, the new friendster for me. haha. mainly because most of my friends here in london have facebook. so i guess it's safe to say that facebook (or myspace) in london is like friendster (or multiply) in the philippines. gets? so buy me a drink or send me a hug now. haha.

birthdays. people have this thing about birthdays that when someone forgets, we say we are sad or sulk or moan about to that someone who forgot. that someone who must have remembered it was your birthday. ok, i must admit i am one of those people who feel sad when people - close friends, forget it's my birthday and forget to greet. but i don't really sulk around or keep moaning about it. it's just kinda disppointing you know. hmm..reminds of someone. haha. and here's to another someone celebrating their birthday soon, happy birthday! hope you know who you are.

sleep. as you already now, i lack sleep, i need sleep, i want sleep. gawd, my eyebugs. okay, time to get some shut-eye. enough said.

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