Thursday, 3 January 2008


ok, so it's year 2008. imagine, soon it's gonna be two years since we moved to london. time just seems to passing me by. so i thought, like most bloggers, to write about the year that was. it's now my turn to stop for a while to look back, reminisce and remember the good things (even the bad and ugly). take note: this is gonna be quite a long entry.

i remember beginning 2007 with sadness in my heart because that was my first christmas and new year abroad and was just homesick. it wasn't bad but it was different. that's how i'm gonna put it, different. in a way, i still haven't adjusted to life here in london, to life being so far away from friends and family.

and now, i've changed. i think i changed most on my being too emotional and showing it. last year, everytime i felt homesick, i always had tears in my eyes. now, everytime i feel homesick, i do still feel sad but no more tears. my lovelife also used to bring me tears but now, it doesn't and i'm happy. and i'll talk about that later. my emotions used to always show on me. i couldn't hide the hurt from showing up in what i do or stop the tears from falling during any tv show. but now, i somehow can control it. i try to find it within me not to look at the negative side of what is happening and be optimistic about it. in a way, yes i have matured. this time, no more wasted tears.

i've also accepted my fate. there's no use to be still moping about the fact that i'm so far away from other friends and family. it's better this way. so what i do now is encourage them to come here. especially after they graduate. haha.

talking about friends, well we've been through so much this year and this brought us closer as friends thus creating the D.A.! i love them all so much. and thank them for making my stay here in london a little more bearable. hehe.

ok now, to one of the most asked questions. lovelife. as most of my close friends already know, i started the year in a relationship, a long distance one at that. around the mid-year, that changed. it didn't exactly break my heart but of course, i was still hurt. however i've finally learnt to let go and now, well, my lovelife's just there. a part of my life that i decided to put on a rest because of all that i have been through. i needed a rest from the drama and pain it could cause. but now, i'm ready. my heart is no longer broken into a million pieces. it has healed itself with time for itself and people who would not hurt it. but of course, my lovelife isn't too empty. there are those who make me smile and laugh. those who are reasons for me to go to school and those who inspire me to take chances. those who pop into my mind and i smile for no reason. at certain times, i feel myself falling. but at the same time, i stop myself. there's no rush. there's still time. and i'm happy.

Other Reasons to remember 2007:
  • PNB Work Experience
  • my 19th Birthday Celebration
  • the whole month of November
  • Barrio Fiestas '07
  • Royal Ascot '07
  • PGMA Visit
  • Trip to Ireland
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
  • Summer Movies (Transformers, Pirates3, HP5, Ratatouille, Simpsons)
  • New Friendships (College & Filo Community)

i'll continue this tomorrow. come back later. =)

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