Sunday, 9 March 2008

untitled, unfinished and uninspired

one day in the life of mine i got this sudden inspiration (and smile on my face) to write something about how i was sort of feeling and what was on my mind. and here goes.

love hasn't always gone my way before
everytime i fall, i just get hurt even more
tears were always shed for someone who couldn't stay
so i put my heart aside and left love for some other day

maybe love isn't just for me
i gave up searching for something i couldn't see
i wanted something no one could give
everytime i was scared, i would just leave

i'm a hopeless romantic who believed in fairytales
but now i'm one of those who has given up on true love
no more daydreaming
no more wishing on stars

but one day all that changed
for i started believing again
thanks to that unforgettable summer
i wasn't....

so yeah, uhm that's pretty much where my inspiration got lost or got cut. turns out the inspiration i had for this, sort of had a time limit. i just couldn't finish it. until now. but maybe, just maybe if i stare at it long enough, it would finish itself. if not, i'll just resort to taking a long walk and reflect. long walks do me good.


bittersweetcollide said...

Live, love! *HUGS*

Pamps said...

nice poem about'll have to finish that, there are readers waiting its completeness. Pamps