Monday, 17 March 2008

enjoying life's surprises

life can really be full of surprises. who knows what it can give to you? who knows what you find out? and who knows where you'll be? right?

surprises are nice. they're suppose to make you happy. and sometimes there's also tears of joys. like surprise birthday parties, surprise guests, surprise gifts, etc. there could also be a surprising twist of events between people's lives. like falling for your best friend's girlfriend or falling for your best friend. there could be surprising connections or something called like six degrees of separation. i really like life's little surprises. they get me shocked and dazed. and also makes me smile and laugh at the thought. that's what happened recently and thus, this entry. who really knows what can happen? you just never know. i guess that's the beauty of life. tomorrow's always a mystery.

again, like i said, life can truly be full of surprises. and that's the kind of things that i would always look forward to. that's the kind of things i love. so keep your eyes open and enjoy the moment.

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