Tuesday, 11 March 2008

the lighter side of politics

this entry just comes because of what is happening back home. a people power 2? actually, not 2, it's more like people power 4? i'm not sure, i lost count. however, there's just really alot of confusion happening back home. it's no laughing matter because this could change lives. whatever happens could affect the future of the philippines. i too want to make a difference. i want to make a stand, to fight for change. and we know change doesn't happen overnight. but i stand up for truth. they say the truth will set you free. but they also said the truth hurts. and when you're reach rock bottom, there's no other way but up. anyway, i don't want to write something too serious because obviously you can get that from all the news channels. now, i just wanna to write something positive. i want to remember that there are things far more important in this life than all these dirty politics.

one amazing thing out of this is you can really see how talented and creative filipinos are. from movie posters to tshirts to videos to games. watch below.

by the way, about the comic strip, i found it funny and cute. and there is actually two huge things you can learn from it.

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