Sunday, 4 November 2012

One Filipino

Let's just focus first on the stickers here. One Filipno was a project spearheaded by my good friends, where people with alike minds gather to discuss different aspects of us being Filipinos. Check for more details.

The next thing we focus is on the bottle. I was in charge of materials and getting volunteers together. I had trouble finding this bottles (minus the stickers).

Marky (one of the project heads and my good friend) suggested this water bottles that he used at home. It's reusable and looks fancier than just plastic bottles. But I just couldn't find it. I checked most grocery store, well mostly Waitrose, for this water bottle that he was talking about. Plus I didn't understand what was so special about it. He ended up buying all the bottles in the picture. I put the stickers to make look neat. Oh how I wish I actually kept one of these. I wonder where this are now.....

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