Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chinatown, London

Chinese New Year in Chinatown, 2012. I definitely spent a lot of dinners here. Not because I'm chinese, but because it was close enough to the Philippine Embassy and most of my Filipino friends craved for rice and cheap dinner, thus here we were!

I remember Crispy Duck, Wong Kei, Hung's, Kung's, Yung's, Cafe C & R, Golden Pagoda, Golden Jade, Mr Wu, Loong Fung Restaurant, Leong's Legends I & II, Harbor City.

There were also Japanese restaurants (Misato), Korean, Vietnamese (the Vietnamese restaurant) and obviously the Oriental 'fusion' restaurants.

The stand outs were the pubs, Costa, Pizza Express and the other Italian restaurant, which I never went in to eat.

Definitely a lot of good moments here, and I'd definitely be back for dinner one day.

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