Saturday, 3 November 2012

Genie's Restaurant (restaurant)

Mostly the food served here is Thai. But we get served something off the menu. Chicken barbeque is one of my favorites they serve for us. They also served pansit (noodles) and fried rice. Always good and filling. Sarap! I remember celebrating my mom's birthday here in 2010 I think. It was a tuesday so it was just us and a few good close friends. Good times....

The spiral staircase is really a nice touch to this restaurant. There is a big enough space in between steps so as to be careful when going up and down. The upstairs can be reserved for special occasions, like we once did for a Kapihan. One sunday, there was a dialogue among Filipino community leaders in regards to migration and Filipino diaspora. We were served coffee and porridge, or Arroz Caldo as we Filipinos like it.

It's a really cozy place where a lot of locals go to. Neighbours come here to catch up for dinner and a glass of wine. There's also a piano here, not sure if you can recognise it from the picture. But if I remember correctly, there's a jazz pianist on the evenings of Friday's and Saturday's, which locals sing along to and dance along to as well. 

As you can see, the bar is full of different kinds of drinks. So you can find definitely something to suit your taste. 

For a Filipino-owned restaurant in London, this is definitely one that I enjoy going back to. Though they don't serve Filipino food, the  ambiance and food are still worth a visit.

Genie's Restaurant,
6 Portland Road,
Holland Park,
London,W11 4LA

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