Friday, 2 November 2012

Imperial Wharf at Night

Walking home from the Thai restaurant, and this is the view I see. It's so nice to look at, plus makes it so sentimental to walk home to. During one weekend in September, they hold a music Jazz festival, which is packed with people, local residents and their friends. I've been to it once, and I loved it! A laid-back feeling to spend it with good company and they sell food too, outside of their restaurants, for everyone to enjoy!

And this is what I walk home to.... along River Thames, the lights make it so nice to walk home to and to spend with good friends. I've got some memorable moments with people close to me, and I still remember each moment it quite clearly. The lights across the river reflect to the water, and it's another sight to look at. Although I wouldn't recommend to spend too much time here during weather and at night. Awfully freezing cold! 

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