Tuesday, 23 September 2008

on being a friend and a girl (part 2)

the question was... so when one of my best friends is falling for the guy i like, who is also my best friend; which one should i be, a friend or a girl?

the answer... well being a friend always comes easy to me, but being a girl is a tinnie bit complicated.

complicated much? hmm, not really. i guess it's really simple. coz there's this picture. of a boy and a girl. and i'm just not in it.

what i've realised is that i couldn't hurt my friend by making her feel guilty for liking the same guy i like. also, the guy who is also my friend, likes her back. so you can say, that if this was a battle, i lost. and it hurts. but i'm not gonna tell my friend that, i will let her be happy without having to think twice because of my feelings.

i've been hurt before, and the ache i feel right now is nothing compared to the hurt i felt before. but still, just like any pain, it stings. but again, just like any wound, it would heal, over time. this, too, will pass. and hey, what doesn't kill only makes you stronger, right?


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N said...

hope you feel better soon..i'm sure that there's someone much better out there for you. take care and happy holidays!

isko b. doo said...

maybe it doesn't kill you but it still hurts like hell.