Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Are difficult.

There are two choices: the first would be for me to let you know. And doing so, I'm risking a lot. I'm risking friendship. Never talking again? Not talking to me the same way? I don't think I can take that. OR, I let you know and I feel that there's a possibility that you won't reject me... just a feeling. I'm not confident about that one.

The second choice would be for me to never let you know. Doing so, I'll NEVER know how you'll react- that's my safe choice though. No risks. It would just be annoying if you were actually waiting for me to let you know. (Walang risk. Nakakainis lang kung hinihintay mo ako umamin diba?)


(got this from mia. i made nakaw na ha. pasenxa. hehe.)

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