Friday, 19 September 2008

the workaholic is going to uni

my summer went by fast. who knew 3 months would go by so quickly? and today was my last day at work.

just 3 months back, i remember telling my mum i wanted to work for the summer. and now, my summer is over. and so is my work. in 3 short months, i've learned to understand, respect and care for the people i work with.

when my friends and i talk about work, mostly my friends complain and though sometimes i do too, i love my work. i love getting paid and being able to buy stuff and spend my money i work hard for. i love being busy and being useful. i love my hard work being acknowledged. i love having the responsibilities and respect other people give me. the phonecalls, not so much, but i was getting used to it anyway. most of all, i enjoy the company. i enjoy the interaction with other people. this leads me to realise i enjoy being sociable.

i learned alot about immigration, which has quite alot to do with my dad's line of work. i learned how to discipline myself and work hard, to organise twice as hard, when work gets quite demanding. i learned from my mistakes as well.

all in all, i work hard. though it is tiring, i enjoy working hard. you may call me a workaholic coz i know i am one. i have worked twelve days straight. i like the fact that i get to spend money i earn, to not have to depend on my parents for once. i love work, and i can't wait to get back when i get the chance. for now, as i start a new chapter in my life by going to university, i'm bring with me the experience of a part time job and one of my most memorable and busiest summers ever.

to the bison team: i miss working with all of you. hope to see you guys soon. xx

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