Friday, 5 September 2008

What Would Gossip Girl Say About You?

You remind Gossip Girl of Serena.

"People don't tell you who you are, you tell them." - Serena van der Woodsen

Just like Serena, you're gorgeous, glamorous, and good at getting exactly what you want. You went a bit wild in your younger days, but lately, you've been acting a lot more mature. You're trying your best to live a scandal-free life, but that won't be as easy as it sounds.

If Gossip Girl blogged about you, she'd say:
Gossip girl here. There's a new face on the Upper East Side, and it's got us wondering -- Could S have a secret twin? Same sweet smile, same shady past... if our new friend has something to confess, Gossip Girl is here to listen. Whatever you're hiding, you might as well reveal it now, because the past has a way of coming back to haunt you. xoxo, Gossip Girl

32% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation.

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