Sunday, 5 August 2007


something's wrong with me. something has come over me that i just control. it has to be stopped or should i just let it flow.

i was in a major state of nostalgia the other day. i found super old pictures from way back when. and all sorts of memories came back to me. both good and bad. each picture had a little story to tell. all the memories almost brought tears to my eyes. just like what my bestfriend said, a lot of things have changed and all of us along with it.

exam results are coming out in less than two weeks. and i don't whether i should be excited or scared. oh help me, i just want this over with.

lately, i was given the chance to go home to the Philippines. but then again, it was also taken away from me. and i don't whether i was happy or sad about it. i was sad because i wanted to go home. i was happy because.. because.. oh, i don't know anymore.

ram-ball. i love watching basketball. i love cheering my friends on. like back in high school. i usually watched my friend's or classmate's games and cheered at the sidelines. now i cheer for my dad and his team. they're not really good but i'm not saying they can't score baskets. i enjoy simply watching and cheering. especially when my dad shoots his 3 points. it's such an amazing moment. time stands still. everyone's just standing still to see if the shot goes in. and of course, i love watching him play. and i'm not refering to my dad. hehehe.

i finally done some things i should done ages ago. but i just couldn't. and now, after so long, i have. i don't understand why it took so long. and why only now. someone slap me, pinch me, shake me, wake me. then hug.

friend, i8u. you made me sad for a moment for a few reasons. don't do that again ha. hahahaha!


and this is what you call rest.

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