Monday, 13 August 2007

i miss the drama.

i miss the drama. i simply go along the days with usual stuff from scholl to parents to planning the next gettogether. and it's all great. but there are those days where i fing it boring or quite much routine. those days, i so miss the drama. the sudden outbreak, or the sudden jump of the heart or emotions. the feeling of confusion over wierd stuff and situations happening which is hard to understand. you get to feel almost all kinds of emotions at the same time. you cry, you smile, you laugh, you shed a tear. you sometimes actually feel so alive for you get to really feel your heart beating. but then i realize, without the drama, life is much more peaceful. there's no need to hurry any decisions. you just enjoy each day and take your time with the people around you. you get the time to think things throughly and make the right decisions. you get to be just happy.

yes, i miss the drama. but i think i am much better off without it.

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