Tuesday, 21 August 2007

just like that.

last saturday, i was in dudley for this family sportsfest of the filipino community there. we were there as guests because my dad was suppose to be there and give a speech. so there i was, just sitting pretty looking at the hall where the program was being held. saw the audience, in their different colors representing their teams. saw the sponsors, pic-uk and metrobank, busy. and then it hit me, like a sudden jolt of lightning. the idea was infront of me the whole time and i was blind to have not seen it. in fact, i must been too pre-occupied with other stuff to take me this long. i now know what to do for the work experience that i need to build up on. following on my work experience in pnb, i can work for metrobank. i could also work for phish or bpi or allied bank and well the list goes on. it's all perfect to go into the world of finance. argh, and now summer is almost over. damn, what a waste of my summer. well, not totally. good things have happened this summer. now let me think. well there's ireland. there's barrio fiestas, one after the other. there have roadtrips and get-togethers. of course, new found friends and other stuff (i'm not gonna say. haha). i have to build up now on my resume for i'm sure when i'm in university, it's gonna be toxic. especially with my course. well atleast now, i've got something else to look forward to.

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