Sunday, 13 May 2007

wave as time passes by

time flies by so fast. this, we should all realize by now. for me, it's amazing that in one month, i have lived in the u.k for a year now. it all seems unbelievable. one year has gone by so quickly and many things have changed.

looking back, way way back, we used to be playing hide-and-seek and tag and barbie dolls and text and jackstones and all the other games we play when we were young. actually, it's better to say, when we were younger.

all day long, i have been playing with kids. even taking care of them. one was even calling me mommy. gahd, that felt old at that moment. hahaha. but atleast it lets the parents know i can be trusted. anyway, playing with the kids reminded me how fun and carefree life used to be. we just wanted to have fun and that was all that mattered.

if we are happy, we jump for joy. if we want something, we can just someone older to get it for us. if we are hurt, we simply cry. and when we cry, someone's ready to wipe our tears and comfort us. the simple life. it all seems so long ago. something like ten years ago. and look at ourselves now. i think of friends and we all are so-grown-up.

in a year or so, some of my friends are graduating from college and would venture out into the 'real' world. they would be working by then and earning money on their own. no more parents to tell us to study our lessons and do our homework. i have experienced how it is to work. yes, me, work. some are already busy doing duties and on-the-job training. sooner or later, we would all be out there. and it isn't a joke anymore. nothing would be a joke anymore. no more trials, just the real thing.

everything's changing so fast. everything's happening so soon. and it seems so surreal. someone pinch me. i must be dreaming.

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