Monday, 14 May 2007

time to vote

election day! weee! i don't know why i sound so excited when i'm not actually registered to vote. my dad totally forgot all about it. so no one's actually registered to vote at our house now. tsk tsk.. what a waste of six votes. haha. but anyway, it still excites me because of the counting of votes. yes, that's what i am here at the philemb for. i have been watching them as they check the ballots to see if they're valid, invalid, questionable or spoiled. then after they have done so, they start counting the votes. it's a three man team and alternating shifts. one says the name on the ballots. the other tallies the votes on the small tally sheet while the third member writes on the giant tally sheet for all to see. it's all so cool to see the tally sheet up close and personal. first time.

actually i just kid around and say that i'm here for the food. yes, free food. haha. but it's so nice to help them once in a while and being here keeps my mind of other things. it's so fun staying up late because i'm waiting for the final results here in london. although at some point while watching them, it still gets boring. so from time to time, i go to my dad's office and watched 300 online. cool movie. so overall, i just love today. and believe it or not, i'm having fun. weee..

oh, before i forget. it's really amusing to see my dad on televison as well. catch him here on tv patrol. just click the link below. fyi: to those who haven't seen my dad, he's the guy in the black suit carrying the ballot boxes around. the news clip starts at 2:18. bonus, you get to see the inside of the philemb residence. enjoy. haha.

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