Friday, 11 May 2007

walking in the rain

come to london and you will see that people actually walk in the rain without an umbrella. and i'm getting used to that. walking in the rain without an umbrella is fun. although the thought of getting sick isn't quite nice. but it is something you have to get used to in living here. funnily enough, i remember back home how people have umbrellas and use them when it's raining and even when the sun is burning.

i love rain. i love the feeling when i'm at my window and i look out to the pouring rain. it feels so nice. i love the sentimental thoughts i have during that moment. i love the feel of rain on my face as well. any thing that i just want to let go goes with all the raindrops that fall. all my worries and burdens drown with the rain. and it's refreshing. it just makes me feel good.

oh, i just realized elections are nearing. and it feels fun to know i'm really close to all the election processes, the ballot boxes and of course, the counting of votes. with my dad as the chairman to the election committee here in london, it's exciting. although all the talk of politics and election has been running through my ears over and over and over again. and it's getting boring. too bad i wasn't able to register this year so i won't be able to vote. dad totally forgot about it that even he isn't registered. haha. i'll just be waiting to vote for president in 2010. so to all those voting on may14, vote wisely! haha.

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