Wednesday, 9 May 2007

mixed emotions

ok. so here goes. i just finished watching spiderman 3 online. and i just love it. i love the fact that i can watch for free online. cool.

today was a good day. i remembered this morning where i was stuck in the middle of 3 vietnamese friends from college. they were talking in vietnamese and i couldn't understand a single word they were saying. i felt left out. and it was so wierd. how i wish i could understand vietnamese. it would be such a laugh to know what they were actually saying without them knowing. hahaha.

i hate when i'm alone to my thoughts. i daydream alot. the one particular scene i always have in mind is that day in february. to be exact, february 25, 2006. somehow i wanted things to be different. i always remember what song you were playing. and somehow i wish i could have played my cards differently. how i wish. oh, how i wish. i wish he could have known. i wish i felt this way about him before that day. and maybe, just maybe everything would be different.

so the whole day was going okay when i had this short talk with my friend. when the call ended, it felt different. well, atleast i felt different. all of sudden, i felt like a knife was stabbed through my heart. i felt sad. i felt like anytime soon, i would be on the verge of tears. which i didn't want to happen. i was fighting everything back and just wanted to keep it to myself. but i couldn't. so i called my friend back and blamed him for me feeling this way. hahaha. well, it was really his fault for making feel this way and remind me of things i don't want to remember. somehow everything turned okay. and probably i'll be able to get a good night sleep.

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