Saturday, 12 May 2007

love at a distance

today's happenings lead me to think about relationships and movies. why is it that usually, it's the leading man who has to go away and leave the leading lady behind. so it's usually the girl who ends up waiting in vain for her so-called mr. right to return. sometimes he does. sometimes he doesn't. love can be so unfair. when everything is going right, life just has a funny way of letting good things come to an end. [note: i just love nelly furtado's song called 'all good things (come to an end)'. i just looove it. ]

there was once a time i believed or more likely, wanted this guy to be the one. but somehow, deep down inside, i know i was just trying to convince myself that he was actually the one. somehow i was just making believe in something i know can never really happen. the truth be told, he can never be the guy right for me. i need someone who can handle my personality and understand my complexity as a person. personally, i don't really have high expectations at all. but one thing the guy must understand is the life i lead. there are quite a few secrets he has to handle and learn to deal with. there are things that not everyone goes through and though you reading this now may not understand, it's simply put to be a complicated situation. likewise, the guy must have a backbone and actually stick to whatever says.

there should be no second thoughts. no second chances. no trials. one time, big time. no turning back.

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