Friday, 22 February 2008

if you just listen carefully..

have you ever listened to a song and felt that the song was about you? that the song was telling exactly how you feel? that the song was exactly what you had in mind, in your thoughts? have you ever listened to a song and it touched a certain emotion in you that caused there to be some tears? imagine yourself quietly listening to songs on your ipod. and then playing is this song, and all of sudden you find yourself crying.

i'm sure you now have a certain song in mind. i mean who hasn't, right?

but have you ever listened to a song, which you have absolutely no idea what the song is about because you don't understand the lyrics, and you just smiled or shed a tear? you're listening to this unfamiliar song in another language and you just start crying.

call me crazy but that's what i'm feeling right now. i'm listening to this song in korean and it's so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. so then i searched for any english translation, and eventhough some of the lines weren't in correct grammer, it just made perfect sense.

(if you're asking me how i ended up listening to a song in korean and kinda falling in love with it, this is how. Coffee Prince also known as The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. it's such a funny, cute and sweet koreanovela, which is being shown on pinoy tv back home and i just love it. i kinda got addicted. and yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it. now moving on. btw, click here for the english translation.)

ok so maybe i felt that way, the first time i heard it yesterday, because i have been quite moody lately and feeling all sort of sentimental feelings and emotions i haven't felt for a while. but i tried listening again today, and it was just still a beautiful song. it actually made me feel good.

what made it sound so good? was it the melody? was it the lyrics? was it the message of the song? maybe the singer or the band? i don't know. i don't know even if it was because of the show or because i was feeling emotional. maybe it's a bit of everything. tell me what you think. so sit back, close your eyes and just listen carefully.

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maya said...

the music is soothing... you have good ears for it.