Tuesday, 19 February 2008

a grand debutante's ball

isn't it usually a big thing when a girl turns 18? we dream of a grand debutante ball with the most beautiful gown that just seems to be just your size and be waking down a red carpet ( others an aisle or staircase) to be accompanied by your escort and you're just the most beautiful girl in the whole room. i guess you get it now, i'm talking about all that glamour and splendor, the whole shebang. of course, you wish to be surrounded by friends and family and all those people who have become a significant part of your life.

one highlight of that night is the 18 somethings. 18 roses, candles, treasures, balloons, shots, etc., which we allocate to significant people in our life. the significant people who have touched our lives, who have influenced us and who have been there throughout our journey for the past 18 years. then there would be tears, hugs, laughter and more tears of joy. this night is all about you.
most girls dream of that big night, our would-be perfect night that we are to remember forever. like what they say, it's not everyday that a girl turns 18. however, not all girls have plans of celebrating it the way i just described it, but for those who do, wouldn't it have it any other way.
i guess you realize by now, i'm guilty of one thing. i'm guilty of the fact that i am one of those girls who dream of their once-in-a-lifetime perfect night. i dreamed of walking down a red carpet on a staircase. and going down, i can see my escort waiting at the end of the stairs with a huge bouquet, alongside with my parents. i can also see all my friends and family there watching on. all night, i would be surrounded by friends and loved ones. there would alot of tears of joy, laughter, smiles, hugs, gifts, pictures, dancing, surprises and memories to cherish. however this dream didn't quite come true for me. moving to london just when i was about to turn 18 didn't help at all.

the other night, i attended a party of a girl turning 13 years old and did she have a grand birthday celebration. almost like those grand debutant birthdays, complete with her roses and candles. except that she didn't dance with any of her roses nor did any of her candles said a message. her reason for that was because she wants her first dance to be with a special someone. (in other words: boyfriend. she wants her first slow dance to be with her boyfriend.)

i remember my first slowdance. it was with someone who meant alot to me that time and i guess will always be special. (of course, he doesn't know that and i'm definitely not gonna tell him that.) but unlike that girl, i want my last dance to be the most special. so i hope he comes soon and asks me to dance. because the song is about to end. (but i know that my last dance wouldn't stop eventhough the music has stopped playing.)

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