Sunday, 17 February 2008

dancing the night away

have you ever gone to a party where there was dancing, and you just sat at your table and watched people dancing? sometimes it's actually funny. sometimes it's depressing and sad. (but only when slow music is playing.) sometimes it makes you feel good. (especially when you're going crazy on the dance floor.) but it's actually surprising what kind of things you realize by simply watching.

line dancing:

a funny dance to see at a party dance floor. and mostly women dance it. so i looked it up. definition of line dance: 'A dance in which individuals line up without partners and follow a choreographed pattern of steps to country music.' ok so i guess that's simple enough then. i like to think that this dance was created for those people with two left feet. and that they may be able to join in the fun on the dance floor. hey, that's just what i think anyway.

ballroom dancing:

personally, it's very nice to see this. it looks so graceful. just like in the movies such as shall we dance and take the lead. it takes some practice to get it all right. with the right partner and the right amount of dedication, it's gonna turn out beautiful and simply amazing.

slow dancing:

"here's to valentine's day", that's what the dj said when he started playing sweet slow music. and like third-fourths of the people on the dance floor went back to their seats. there was just like five couples on the dance floor. while i was watching, there was a certain feeling that came to me. memories as well came to me with the songs playing. i blame the bad choice of songs. hahaha. kidding aside, i felt the longing for someone to dance with. someone to hold me close and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. someone to be holding me close and feel his heartbeat beating with mine. someone in whose arms i can feel warmth, comfort, and i get to forget everything around me as if time has stood still for the both of us. i'm not pertaining to my past anymore. i think i have passed that stage by now. i'm now just longing for that feeling again.

whoa, single awareness didn't hit me until today, but boy for a moment there, did it hit me hard. on the other side, it gives me hope. to have that final last dance i've been waiting for.

honestly, i love the dance floor. not many people know this, but somehow i am a frustrated dancer. and it's fun to dance. you are also able to let out certain emotions through your dance. just like blogging, dance is an outlet for emotions. i like the satisfaction i get from dancing. it's nice to get your heart beating fast, makes you feel alive. so once you hear the music, don't hold back. who cares if you're looking like a fool? just dance your heart out. and for that moment, nothing else matters. you know what they say,

"Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching."

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