Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Do's and Don'ts of Romantic Comedies

Real lessons in love you learn from the movies.

okay, so i got this online. and i just had to share this. being the hopeless romantic i am, i just love romantic comedies and can't get enough of them. who knows, maybe you too can learn a thing or two from this.

Four Weddings and a Funeral Lesson: Don't be afraid to mingle at weddings.

hey, weddings are suppose to be fun. not another day to remind you that you are single. it's suppose to give you hope that it would be your turn someday. hey, maybe you could catch a bouquet or two.

Say Anything Lesson: Do make a grand romantic gesture.

sometimes it's not enough just saying 'i love you' to people. sometimes actions speak louder than words. sometimes they could even mean more.

When Harry Met Sally Lesson: Don't rule out an old friend.

Bridget Jones' Diary Lesson: Don't date your boss (even if he's cute).

it's just gets too complicated. don't mix business with pleasure. well that's what they say anyway.

Hairspray Lesson: Do go after what you really want.

Hitch Lesson: Don't try and outsmart the game.

okay, it's been said that love is a game. and in every game, there are rules. you can memorize all the rules and think you're all ready to outsmart the game, only to find out that there is an exception to every rule.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Lesson: Do try to get along with their family.

for me, this is a BIG MUST. really.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin Lesson: Don't listen to your moronic friends.

you are the best person to know what to do. in the end, it would be your own initiative and your own decision. but sometimes a different perspective wouldn't hurt.

The Wedding Singer Lesson: Do look beyond the mullet.

You've Got Mail Lesson: Don't spend so much time on the internet.

hmm.. okay, so certain love stories start from online chatting and certain friendly networks. but sometimes it's so much more fun to go out and mingle. the internet can be so deceiving and so fake. just be careful.


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