Monday, 4 August 2008

WARNING: Reading Twilight may cause an obsession.

Forget prince charming... i'm waiting for my EDWARD CULLEN ;)

Because of Edward Cullen. i'm staying single until i find my vampire ;)

Because i read Twilight, i have unrealistic expectations in men. HAHA!

that's how i like my men.. cold dead and sparkly ;)

cut pages 73-381 out of new moon. jacob can go DIE. hahaha!

Edward dazzles me ;)

07-19-08.. what am i suppose to read now? :(

i get distracted by shin..... oohh.. Edward :)

breaking dawn.. give me the damn book before i hurt someone!

mortality is so overrated... BITE ME :p

308.. the number of pages without edward :(

save gas. ride a vampire ;)

EDWARD CULLEN. sexier than you since 1901 ;)


twilight... its not the book. its the GUY! :p

oh shit.. i've fallen in love with a fictional sparkly vampire :p

every guy should sparkle like edward cullen ;)

damn it stephenie meyer! now i'll never find a boyfried!

Edward is the new Romeo ;)

EDWARD CULLEN. Raising the standards for future BOYFRIENDS ;)

Edward is my favorite color ;)

O.C.D. - obsessive CULLEN disorder :p

someday my prince sparkly vampire will come :)

in my head.. edward is my boyfriend.. alice is my bestfriend and jacob wants me :p

(stole all this from bianca...thanks girl! but all so true.. couldn't have said it any better...:D)

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Mekhismom said...

I love the Twilight series! I am a Twilight Mom. I have a meet up this weekend to discuss Breaking Dawn. I look forward to the next book in the series.