Wednesday, 13 August 2008

crazy over EDWARD CULLEN

hehe, luckily, while browsing the site Deviantart, i found this note about edward cullen. YAY.

I think,
At some point,
Everyone dreams of finding..
An Edward.
Someone whose name you call, or whisper.
And he's right there waiting.
Someone who hums a lullaby,
And holds you close, as you drift off.
Someone who seems to just glitter, in the Sunlight,
Whose eyes are often Topaz,
And Reassuring.
Someone who takes you to dinner,
And ignores the pretty waitress.
Someone who follows you,
Watches you always,
Secretly, Just to be sure..
You're always okay.
Someone Romantic,
Yet has a good sense of humor.
Someone Ancient, Yet Young.
Who'll save your life, No matter what.
Who cries when you're injured.
Someone who cleans out even the deadliest wounds,
However impossibly hard it may be.
Someone to take you to your prom,
Despite your complaints,
Who teaches you to waltz,
As you stand on his feet.
Someone who just knows when it's time.
When forever really means forever.
And takes you away,
For years to come....

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