Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Favorite August Tweets

Ako ang Simula! Last minute registration of OAV at Philemb London right now.
Learning how the Philippines was banned from the Little League World Series, while watching its international championships."Why do I just lay awake and think of you? I need some sleep. Tomorrow I have things to do. Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face.."
"He's close to my mother, talks business with my father, he's charming and endearing and I'm comfortable..""Everybody needs inspiration, Everybody needs a soul, ...... 'cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy..."
"Run far away So I can breath, Eventhough you're far from suffocating me, I cant set my hopes too high, Cuz every hello ends with a goodbye""Where are you now? 'Cause I'm thinkin of you. You showed me how - How to live like I do. If it wasn't for you, I would never be who I am.."Somehow it sounds and feels different when someone calls me 'anakat'. I don't want to feel like it's a totally different person from me.Feeling all sentimental while listening to Eraserheads and remembering good times. Good times indeed. *big smile*
Thinking about my horoscope today. It said something about me being honest on what & who i want and reaching a big decision. Hmm, we'll see.
Sometimes when you dont say something out loud, it makes it less true. When I say it out loud, it seems to make it more real &that scares meR: "Oh you mean Scorpion King 2 came out last year? How do you know that?" Me: "Simple, I googled it. That's what it said on imdb." LOL :)

Oh look, Scorpion King 2 on cable already. What a hit movie. LOL inside joke. Only those who were there would get it. :)
I just refuse to teach my mom how to get her own facebook. Doesn't she already have people who 'spy' on what i do?? Isn't that enough?"There's a light in the dark Where the sky splits apart, Where the stars find a way To shine through all the spaces in between." @mariedigby"A second has the capability to change everything. The capability to change the way u look at the world &the way the world looks at u. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. "Movie night: G.I.Joe. Interesting, action-filled, guy movie with leather. Not bad at all. :)New Philippine Embassy London website. Check it out! :) http://bit.ly/ZNsIV

Today is gonna be interesting. Why? Oh yeah, i have lost my voice. Yes, how exciting. Just text me.

Had a great time at PG Pow Wow. (although i did lose my voice again) Happy 2 years @philgen, congratulations! More to come! :)

Congratulations on the launch of Luzviminda foundation. So much fun and laughter! I jz lose my voice again hahahaha! :)
A prayer for Tita Cory and our country. I feel good today knowing there's still hope, so everything will be ok. Paalam Tita Cory, thank you.I think I will refrain from talking til my throat feels better & my voice comes back. Haha, like that will really happen. Oh no, help me. :)Omg! Angelina and Ali dropped by Nando's to say hi and we had a quick catch-up session. Omg i missed two of my bestfriends soooo much! :)Today was a good day. What a great start to August! Can't wait for what's gonna happen this month. Happy August. :)

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