Sunday, 25 May 2008

updating myself..

"omg! where have i been? and what exactly have i been doing?" yes, that's the question that i have been asking myself. that's not only me feeling that way. i had a good conversation with a close friend yesterday and it seems the time is passing by so quickly that certain things that we love to do are slipping our hands.

this year's american idol is david cook! woohoo! i am so happy. this is the first time i am excited about any winner of american idol, since i started watching from season 3. when i first found out about it, i kinda screamed! (actually i really screamed!) and wanted to jump up and down. (ok, so i did do that too..) i was so happy that day, my friends would be my proof to that day where i was just laughing, smiling and my voice was just so high pitched, that it was so funny. i'm sure it was infectious. i'll be looking forward to buying his album soon. for now, i'll just be listening to billie jean, all i really is you, the time of my life, i'm alive, and of course, always be my baby.. (obviously that's not all..and david vs david is another topic..)

i want a secret garden, my secret garden. you know when sometimes you wanna be by yourself and reflect in your own home, you go hide in your toilet. because that's the only room in your house that you're definitely by yourself and no one would come in. i want my secret garden where i could do the same thing when i'm all alone in my toilet. come on, it's definitely prettier than any toilet.

long walks do me good. i just long walks. especially when you're in the mood to reminisce, look back, think, be sentimental, reflect and remember.. i like the walking by river thames especially. good thing we live near river thames, long walks do me good and the river thames, well water looks so relaxing and peaceful.

emotions. questions about emotions. the truth. the brain, the mind. the heart. control. friends, company. laugh, smile. inspire. hugs. comfort. tears. take risks. take chances. hurt. scared. good. doubt. uncertainty. thinking. feelings. him, her, me.
let the words come together. you pick which makes sense. go figure.

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Anonymous said...

They are coming to my hometown in August. I can't wait! Perhaps I'll be on tv :o)

I watch idol ritualistically :o)