Friday, 2 May 2008

logging in.

i'm back to blogger mode. yes, after almost two weeks that i have been missing in action, i finally have time to this. will be posting all that i have written very soon. oh i miss this. :)

so where do i start?

hardwork. dedication. detachment. challenges. believe. busy. time. hope. change. different. focus. support. smile. trust. faith. love. friends. family. God. me.

words that could describe my almost non-existence to other people for two weeks. i choose to disconnect because i decided to focus on my studies. and hopefully it paid off. i even got sick because of all the stress and pressure and late nights. but i'm really grateful to everyone who stuck with me and supported me and pushed me a little to hold on and finish till the end. i'm also thankful for Superfriend, for i know He's always there for me, and i trust Him to be always there.

being smart doesn't mean that i can easily get the grades i want or simply get anything and anywhere i want. it doesn't mean that i get the easiest path or fastest path to where i want to be or what i can become. being smart sometimes means that i have to work harder, run a mile longer, walk faster and reach higher goals.

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