Saturday, 5 April 2008

there's still hope

there's still hope that i get to watch rent on broadway. it was said that they were suppose to be closing on june 1 of this year. but now they extended it. and now it's closing on september 7. i want to watch it live. anyone pls buy me a ticket. pls.. there's also hope that i get to watch two of the original cast perform. (and they're both my favorite.) i hope i get to watch adam pascal and anthony rapp in the musical rent when they perform on the tour beginning januray of 2009. waaaa.. pls.... anyone?

there's still hope that i can get into a course at university that would be really a good degree. (even if it's only a certificate really. hehe) there's still hope that maybe all the trouble and heartache i have to go through for my future would really pay off.

there' still hope that i do get to go home to the Philippines this year. everytime my parents talk about one month in July, it gives hope that they would really let me stay a month. i want to. i need to. fingers crossed.

there's still hope - lots of it actually. there's hope that this year, 2008, is indeed my year. the year that hopefully all my dreams come true. and even if they don't, i know i would have tried. right, besh?

there's still hope. and maybe just like love, it's actually all around. and believe that tomorrow's definitely gonna be better than today.


From the Eyes of my Heart said...

hi there =) its really good that you're hopeful. May you always fight for your dreams no matter what =) God bless ya!

mekurukito said...

have faith and hope, never give up. hope everything works out well and that your dreams will come true :)