Tuesday, 8 April 2008

surprising twist of fate

last time i talked about surprises, it was about being shocked. but it was the good kind of surprise thta makes u smile. i forgot that somehow that there was the good kind and bad kind. well, not really the bad kind but rather, the sad kind of surprise. it's the kind of surprise that gets us to stop and look back. change. inevitable and unstoppable. some for the worse, but mostly hopefully for the better. and when you do get the sad kind of surprise, don't fret. you're never alone. it would definitely be nice to have a shoulder to lean on or a simple hug to be your comfort.

i'm not sure what it is
simple yet complex
whole yet broken
something's missing
something's wrong
i look for answers
i try to find some meaning
i search, i ask, i question
and i pray.


collins said...

hi ,i love your blog,its poetic at least.Wish you the best in your blogging endevours

earthlingorgeous said...

hugs for you

yeah there are two tipes of surprise the pleasant ones and the unwelcomed ones...

nice poem by the way.