Thursday, 26 April 2007

i feel good.

today's turning out to be quite a good day despite me being a little sad in the morning. but now, i'm ok. i really am.

during math class, i feel i was in high school again. the topics we were doing was something i learned third year. so it was sort of boring. angles, quandrants, soh-cah-toa, cast. you know, stuff like that. stuff you wouldn't really need and use in the real world. but still have to learn it to finish school. and then graduate and work and forget all about this.

i was suprised when one of my friends gave chocolates to ease the pain and hurt and to recover. i was so touched by that. no one has ever given chocolates or anything before to ease the pain or just because break-ups happen. like in movies, you eat alot of ice cream and have tissues in hand with friends. yes, there were advices and comfort and hugs. but this was different, i never expected it at all. plus surprisingly, i'm handling this situation pretty well. better than i expected.

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