Saturday, 1 August 2009

Favorite July Tweets

A prayer for Pres. Corazon "Tita Cory" Aquino. May she rest in peace and my sincerest condolences to the Aquino family."I hung up the phone tonight, Something happened for the first time, Deep inside it was a rush, what a rush.." deep sigh.. - @DavidArchie"Do u catch a breath when I look at u? Are u holding back like the way I do? Coz ive tried to walk away but I knw this crush aint goin away"
Who ever thought that skittles on chocolate cake with berry filling is delicious was obviously very wrong.Is it bad to lack initiative to tweet? Anyways, off to a 50th and 60th birthday celebrations later. Oh how fun..

"I don't know but I think I maybe fallin' for you, dropping so quickly. Maybe I should keep this to myself, waiting 'til I know you better."I really miss you. If only you knew. But maybe you do. I'd give you a clue. Can't wait to see you. :)I loved Harry Potter! It was amazing. Great company too. Next wednesday ulit ha. :) One thing though. Grabe ang init sa sinehan!!!Movie night! Excited but not sure why i'm nervous. Maybe there should have been more of us. Sayang, nabulilyaso pa kasi eh. :) Can't wait :)R: I wish for you to have sweet dreams and no more demons. And no, it's not in you. M: Well i guess see you when you get back.
Nothing like korean whiskey and a private karaoke party to forget all your worries and just have so much fun! WOOOO! :))With jz 4words, someone on cloud nine fell to the ground. With 4words, someone woke up from a dream. But it took only 1word to break a heartThe barrio fiesta was awesome, great day indeed, so much fun! Although my feet ache, i would gladly do it all over again! Till next year! :)
"I think I'm afraid to be happy...Because whenever you get too happy, something bad always happens." Tears and laughter seem to go together.Dear diary, today, results came out, i met Michael Copon, had calamari and mashed potato, with good company, for good times. Happy happy. :)I passed! I freakin PASSED!! that's enough for me, i'm happy!! :))My word for today was 'Keele'. It is actually a place in the midlands between Manchester and Birmingham. Haha. Nice one emee. Keele! :)I really didn't notice my sister had a haircut until someone pointed it out to me. Haha how tired was i? That's what my work does to me. Ha.

Mom. Cry. Hugs Tight. Cries harder. Mumbles. Prays. Sobs softly. Prays harder. Falls asleep. Dried tears.People should know better than to wake someone up 30 minutes before it's time to leave.
"Only the lucky ones realize what their dealing with before it's too late. Only lucky ones don't have to pretend not to love them."This is the day where nothing seems to ever go your way and somehow you just want to run away from it all.I was laughing when Senator Honasan told me i look-alike and remind him of his youngest daughter. Suuuure, really? Hehehe. :)
Dad thanks for letting me meet the senators. Eventhough i wasn't ok at first, everything turned out fiiineee. :)
Nobody has called me 'Katkat' in a while. Certainly brings back memories.. :)

"There's somebody out there, somebody somewhere, to show you the tenderness you need, somebody to hold you when worries control you..."

"I thought you said it was easy, listening to your heart, I thought you said i'd be okay..."
RT @RyanSeacrest U wil see all the stars from today mj clips on news but this moment-his daughter really got to me

Paris Jackson brought the tears to my eyes.

Now there's a dream i wish to NEVER come true. No, scratch that, it wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare."Tell me im not on my own, Tell me I wont be alone, Tell me wat im feelin isnt some mistake coz if anyone can make me fall in love, you can"
"It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert, But I'm holding you closer than most" -Ron Pope
Today, I guess I CAN, no actually, I SHOULD, so maybe I WILL, use any excuse, any at all, to be happy. But right now, I NEED one.At Heathrow airport this early july morning. Such a bittersweet place to be. Goodbyes, last hugs & unspoken words.

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