Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Her Diary Notes:

she just couldn't sleep. something seemed to be bothering her. something she just couldn't put her finger on. so she sat by her study table and then she saw this little black book sticking out of her book shelf. it seemed familiar to her. so she pulled it out and opened it. she read a few lines and remembered what that book was. it was her personal diary. she read on.

" september 26, 2007: 12.53am

my mind is just flying away with thoughts and dreams. and now i can't stop writing. everything is just pouring out in words. and it all comes down to this. i miss you. i miss hearing you laugh when you try make a joke even if it's not funny. i miss watching you play and being able to cheer for you. i miss holding your hand to know i'm not alone. i miss you kissing my forehead to make me feel everything is alright. i miss feeling your tight embraces that make me feel so comforted and the feeling that you ain't gonna let me go. i miss you being the first thing that i think of when i wake in the morning and last thought before going to sleep at it. i miss being able to call you mina. but the TRUTH be TOLD is that i don't really miss you at all. not one bit. not anymore. why? because now, someone else can be the one i will miss. someone else would be fill in the space you left behind. that someone would be him. and he will wait. for the right time, the right place, the moment. where everything will make sense and nothing else would matter at all."

when she finished, a teardrop fell unto the diary and a few words were smudged. reading this brought tears to her eyes. and then she smiled. she remembered her reason for everyday. it was him. he did come. and for the first time, she never felt happier. and ever more certain.

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